Whether for domestic training or specialized sport hunting, more and more dog owners are turning to the e-collar or training collar to ensure their four-legged companion is obedient and therefore safe.

An e-collar enforces learned behavior and controls impulsive behavior – helping you to curb your dogs chase instinct for example – a behavior that can send your dog running into danger such as a busy road.

A training or e-collar is used to persuade your pup to listen to commands and NEVER meant for use as a punishment for misbehaving.

When used correctly, these devices can be incredibly helpful and effective tools to train up you dog.

Choosing the best dog training collar for your dog is not necessarily an easy task, and a little knowledge about the types of collars and different functions goes a long way in reducing the time and energy it takes.

To help you with this we’ve sifted through all the technical jargon to get to the important information, and have created this buying guide to give you a clear idea of what’s out there in terms of training collars, the different features available and which device might be the best dog training collar for you and your pup.

Multiple Dogs?
Review Rating
Garmin Sport Pro
1 Year
Yes – up to 3 dogs
Garmin Delta Sport XC
1 Year
Yes – up to 3 dogs
Dogtra Field Star 1900S Collar
Limited Lifetime
Yes – up to 2 dogs
 Dogtra IQ Plus Collar
1 Year
Yes – up to 2 dogs
Petsafe 300 Yard Remote Trainer
1 Year
Yes – up to 2 dogs
Casfuy Upgraded 1000ft Training Collar
Not stated
Yes – up to 2 dogs
D.T Systems R.A.P.T 1400 Collar
Limited Lifetime
Yes – up to 3 dogs
sportDOG Fieldtrainer
1 Year
Yes – up to 3 dogs
sportDOG Yard Trainer 105
1 Year
Petrainer PET998DRB1 E-Collar
5 Year
Yes – up to 2 dogs


What is a dog training collar?

A dog training collar, also referred to as an e-collar or less popularly as a shock collar, is a tool designed to give your dog a little more encouragement and direction.

Using the handheld transmitter, you can control the type and intensity of the correction your dog will receive from the receiver collar around his neck.

Static correction or electric stimulation is a designed to get your dogs attention, and at the absolute most cause very brief discomfort, but has not given any sign that it causes short or long term problems despite intensive research, and is endorsed by many professional dog trainers.

Many collars also come with tone or vibration settings to get your pooch’s attention.

What to look for in a dog training collar 

There are hundreds of different training collars on the market, which range from simple designs for amateur trainers to devices packet with features for professional use and for sporting purposes.

When looking for the best dog training collar here are a few things to look out for –

Many dog training collars come with a number of correction options, which includes static correction, vibration mode and tone mode, giving you more versatility when training your dog.

Some collars come with beacon lights, which can be incredibly useful when trying to locate your pup in the dark or in the distance, and can give you even more peace of mind

If you have more than one pup, make sure that you choose a system that can be expanded to accommodate the number of dogs you have.

Remember to keep in  mind your pup’s neck size and weight when looking for an appropriate collar.

A training collar should not be used in place of a normal collar and shouldn’t be worn all the time.

This is because constant use can lead to discomfort for your pup due to pressure from the metal contact points and cause bed sores or skin irritation referred to as pressure necrosis. 



1. Garmin Sport Pro

 The Sport Pro dog training system from Garmin is designed for sport loving and hunting dogs and owners.

It is compact and light and made to be handled one handed.

This is an updated version of the popular and now discontinued Tri Tronics Sport Basic G3, and has many of the same well-loved features with cleverly thought out additions.

The package comes with the Sport Pro handheld dog device, ¾ black collar strap, AC adapter and split adapter.

It is water resistant and hardwearing and is made to make any dog lovers job asier – with built-in bark limiter, continuous and momentary stimulation, as well as vibration, tone and lights.

It comes with powerful lithium ion batteries in both the hand device and the collar, which are user replaceable and chargeable.

Both devices have a low battery indicators, which is extremely useful and prevents inconvenient surprizes.

The Garmin Sport Pro also allows you to train up 3 dogs at a time, which can all be communicated with through the single hand-held device.

The remote controlled LED beacon lights are a nifty addition, and are perfect in low light conditions.

The beacon lights can be seen up to 100 yards away – so you can always keep an eye on your best friend.

It also comes with 2 sets of contact points – short contact points for short haired dogs and long contact points for thicker coated pups.

These can easily be changed out with the use of the included wrench.

The Sport Pro is without a doubt one of the best dog training collars on the market right now, and gives you the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a product from such a trusted, good quality brand.

  • ¾ mile range
  • Built-in bark limiter
  • 10 Stimulation levels
  • Vibrate and tone settings
  • Waterproof and floats
  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • Expandable for up to 3 dogs
  • 1 year limited warranty


2. Garmin Delta Sport XC

The Delta Spot Bundle is another fantastic dog training collar made by Garmin and is once again showcases the toughness and reliability most have come to expect from this company. 
This is a slightly lower price, simplified version of the Sport Pro. It features a fantastic, easy-to-read LCD display and can handle unique settings for up to three dogs.

It features a built-in bark limiter, as well as tone, vibration, momentary and continuous stimulation options, with 36 levels of stimulation.

Like the Sport Pro it has a ¾ of a mile range, and is waterproof and relatively shock resistant, perfect for use as a hunting or sporting device.

This is an easy to use system, which has a long battery life and should be a fantastic choice for anyone who wishes to have remote control over their pup.

  • ¾ mile range
  • Bark limiter
  • Tone, vibration, momentary and continuous stimulation
  • Five correction configurations
  • Unique settings for up to three dogs
  • Optimized for all breeds and coat lengths
  • 100% waterproof receiver and transmitter
  • Long lasting rechargeable receiver and transmitter batteries – lithium ion
  • 36 levels of stimulation
  • LCD display
  • Water rated to 10 meters
  • 1 year limited warranty



 3. Dogtra Field Star 1900S Collar

 The Dogtra Field Star 1900S is A popular collar, considered by many purchasers to be the best dog training collar for their canine.

It comes with the handheld transmitter, a receiver collar, battery charger and splitter cable – which allows you to charge both the receiver and transmitter at the same time, a test light a carrying case and an owner’s manual.

It has a rugged design and is shock and waterproof – making it a great choice for highly active dogs.

The system is effective for a half a mile radius, giving you plenty of time to react to a situation before your pup is unreachable.

The LCD screen is backlit, which is fantastic in low light or dark conditions, and will allow you to easily adjust your settings.

The Field Star features 127 levels of stimulation, making it a versatile system that should suit your dog, whether he’s relatively compliant and sensitive to stimulation, or a more stubborn type.

The levels are adjusted using a rheostat dial, which allows a gradual and precise increase or decrease in stimulation – giving you complete control and confidence.

The long lasting rapid-charge battery requires only 2 hours to charge and the system comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • lightweight , slim collar
  • Waterproof
  • Effective up to 1/2 of a mile
  • 3 correction modes and 127 stimulation levels
  • Charger and case
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Nick and continuous button – continuous and momentary stimulation
  • Rapid charge batteries for both the transmitter and receiver
  • Splitter cable and charger – to charge both transmitter and receiver at the same time
  • Fits up to 26 inch neck
  • Battery life indicator
  • 2 year Limited lifetime warranty
  • Dogs as small as 35 pounds
  • Single dog system – although available in a 2 dog system 

 4. Dogtra IQ Plus Collar  

This is a fantastic training system which can be expanded for use by two dogs and features 100 levels of stimulation.

The IQ Plus is better for yard training rather than great outdoor adventures as the range is not quite as good as the dedicated sport devices such as the Garmin systems.

The 400 yard range is, however, perfectly good for training at home or when going for a walk or run in the park.

The 100 levels of stimulation are controlled by the use of a simple rheostat dial, while the three buttons each control 1 of the 3 correction options, which are pager (vibration), constant (longer static correction) or nick (momentary static correction).

This system is designed with easier going dogs in mind and would probably not be suitable for stubborn or very big dogs who are less sensitive to correction.

Another great feature of the Dogtra IQ Plus is the rapid charge battery, which will fully charge in just 2 hours, which is fantastic for anyone who has a habit of forgetting to charge devices overnight.

  • 400 yard range
  • 100 levels of stimulation
  • Nick, constant and pager modes
  • Allows both static and vibration stimulation
  • For dogs 10 pounds and over
  • 2-hour rapid charge batteries
  • Owners manual
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Train up to two dogs simultaneously
  • Designed for milder temperaments – not ideal for sport or hunting or incredibly high spirited pups – due to range
  • Rheostat intensity dial – easy, gradual and precise control


5. Petsafe 300 Yard Remote Trainer

 PetSafe is one of the most trusted names in the pet industry, and offers a wide range of products for you and your dog to enjoy.

The PetSafe Remote Trainer lives up to this reputation, and is a simple to use, rechargeable, waterproof system which features 15 levels of static correction as well as tone and vibration modes.

As we have come to expect, PetSafe has prioritized safety with this product and has a safety lock feature, which locks stimulation levels 8 to 15, so there is no accidental activation.

This system is expandable up to 2 dogs with the separate purchase of a second collar, and has an easy to read, backlit digital remote transmitter.

The PetSafe 300 Yard Remote Trainer is designed for dogs who weigh 8 pounds or more and fits neck sizes of up to 28 inches.

This system is perfect for home and yard use as it has the relatively limited range of 300 yards. 

  • Safety lock feature – levels 8 to 15 locked for protection
  • Backlit digital remote
  • tone , vibration and stimulation
  • 15 levels of static stimulation
  • Up to 2 dogs with extra collar
  • Waterproof
  • Designed for dogs 8 pounds and up and a neck of up to 28 inches.
  • Rechargeable remote and collar with adjustable nylon strap
  • USB charging cord
  • Test light tool
  • Short and long contact points
  • Quick start guide
  • 1 year limited warranty


 6. Casfuy Upgraded 1000ft Training Collar

 This is is a reasonably priced entry level system, which is nevertheless packed with features and much beloved by purchasers who are confident that this is the best dog training collar in this price range.

It has 100 stimulation levels, as well as a tone mode and vibration mode, and a range of up to 1000 feet.

Its easy to use, having been intuitively designed for simplicity.

The system is rechargeable and charges in full in 3 hours, the receiver and transmitter can be charged simultaneously and have a surprisingly long battery life.

This Casfuy training system can accommodate a maximum of 2 dogs with the separate purchase of a second collar.

The LCD display is backlit for low light or night time conditions.

This is a fantastic little system and is amazing quality for the price, although it obviously cannot stand up to the Garmin, sportDOG or D.T Systems collars, which are built for robust outdoor adventure use.

  • 3 training modes – beep, vibration and electric stimulation
  • Very user-friendly
  • Rechargeable and waterproof
  • 1000 ft range
  • Great for dogs of all sizes
  • Test light included
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – can send it back for replacement or full refund. 



 7. D.T Systems R.A.P.T 1400 Collar


This collar is designed for hunting and other outdoor sports and has an impressive ¾ of a mile range with Maxx-Range 360 internal Collar Antenna System and a rugged, waterproof design.

The RAPT 1400 Collar is packed with features and has an intelligent hands-free design with 3 grip options and the patented “Rapid Access” button.

Which is positioned on the transmitter in such a way that it is always within easy reach, and can be programmed by you for nick mode, continuous mode or vibration assist.

As well as being waterproof, the transmitter floats, meaning the chances of losing it a significantly reduced.

The RAPT 1400 Collar offers 16 levels of stimulation which are easily adjusted by turning a dial on the transmitter.

The system comes in a choice of either camo or black and is designed for dogs of all breeds with a neck size of between 7 and 22 inches.

This impressive system is definitely one of the best dog training collars out there and is perfect for outdoor activities.

The system is expandable for up to 3 dogs, and has a clever collar charger which will charge all three at once.

The transmitter uses a 9 volt battery, which is not included.

  • Suregrip strap – holds it firmly in place and frees up your hands
  • Floating waterproof transmitter
  • 16 levels of stimulation
  • Nick, continuous or vibrate
  • Expandable for up to three dogs
  • 1400 yard range ¾ mile
  • Rapid access button on top of transmitter unit
  • Strap features neoprene for comfort
  • Transmitter works off a 9 volt battery which isn’t included
  • Test lamp or light tool
  • Charger for collar – can charge up to 3 units at a time
  • Lock out option – for safety
  • Sleep mode for transmitter
  • Warranty – full 1 year warranty and limited lifetime warranty


 8. Sport Dog Field Trainer

  This system is small and easy to use 1 handed. It features 7 different stimulation levels which can be adjusted on the transmitter as well as a low and medium setting on the collar, depending on your dog’s sensitivity to the stimulation.

Additionally, the system has vibrate and tone settings, for options in terms of training.

The Fieldtrainer 425 has a range of 500 yards, which makes it perfect for training purposes and more domestic uses rather than hunting,

The system is incredibly hard-wearing and is 100% waterproof, and submersible up to 25 feet.

The batteries are rechargeable and have an impressive 2 hour quick charge time for added convenience.

The system is designed for dogs 8 pounds and larger with a neck size of 5 to 22 inches.

  • Easy to use one-handed
  • 1 to 7 stimulation levels on transmitter and low and medium setting on the collar
  • Vibrate and tone feature
  • Comes with – lanyard, 2 sets of contact points, basic training cd, training booklet, and instruction manual for collar
  • Comes in camo or black and stubborn dog version
  • Waterproof up to 25 feet
  • 30 day returns and 1 year warranty 

 9. sportDOG Yard Trainer 105

  This system comes in a 100 yard and a 300 yard option as well as a stubborn dog model in the 100 yard range.

The handheld transmitter is water-resistant and the receiver collar is waterproof.

The sportDog Yardtrainer 105 has a range of 100 yards and is designed for dogs who weigh upwards of 8 pounds with a neck size of between 5 and 27.5 inches.

The system features 8 levels of stimulation as well as a tone only mode and is powered by 3-volt replaceable batteries.

8 levels of stimulation

  • Tone only button
  • Dogs 8 pounds or larger
  • Neck size – 5 inches to 27.5 inches
  • Replaceable 3-volt lithium batteries
  • Standard and long contact points
  • Test light tool
  • Operating guide and manual
  • For 1 dog
  • 30 day returns
  • 1 year full warranty
  • Limited lifetime warranty 


 10. Petrainer PET998DRB1 E-Collar

 This is a basic, entry level training collar which might be the best dog training collar for at home, basic training if you don’t want to spend much.

Despite its reasonable price, this collar system has all the features you might want in an e-collar, including 100 levels of vibration, 100 levels of electric stimulation and 1 level of standard tone.

The Petrainer E-Collar is also able to accomodate 2 dogs on the system, and has a clear, backlit, easy to read LCD display.

Although not waterproof, the receiver collar is rain resistant, however there is no water protection for the transmitter handheld remote.

The system is designed to fit many different dog breeds and sizes, and is appropriate for dogs who weigh 15 pounds or more while the collar strap is adjustable between 15 and 22 inches.

The Petrainer E-Collar is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.

  • Remote transmitter
  • wall adapter and charging cable
  • Nylon strap
  • Collar receiver – rainproof
  • Light testing tool
  • 2 sets of contact points
  • Light function – for locating your dog
  • Beep mode
  • 100 stimulation levels
  • Expandable up to 2 dogs
  • Flashlight function
  • Perfect for ameture trainers – less expensive
  • 30 day return policy and 5 year replacement warranty for products purchased in 2017


 11. Choke Chain Collar

 The choker or chain collar is a popular and cheaper alternative to e-collars.

These collars tighten around your dogs neck as he pulls on the leash and can be used to discourage certain behaviors.

Choker chain collars should be used with care to avoid harming your dog, and must be put on your dog correctly, with the links of the collar running on top of your pup’s neck.



Finding the correct dog training collar is very important, especially when it comes to fit.

If the collar is too loose, then the correction will have no effect, and if it is too tight, the metal contact points could hurt you four-legged friend.

There are so many different options out there but we think that the above list should cater for any canine’s needs and of course, your budget.

Although all the collars featured on this list are good buys, below are a few of our top picks:

  • For sport or hunting – DT SYSTEMS RAPT 1400 or the GARMIN SPORT PRO
  • For home or yard use – PETSAFE 300 YARD REMOTE TRAINER
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