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Best Dog House 2019 – Give Your Dog A Home

Keeping your dog warm and cozy in winter and cool and comfortable in summer in the best dog house is every dog lover’s priority.

A dog shelter which is well insulated, easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing and well designed for your dog’s specific needs is not always easy to find.

A little information in this regard goes a long way, so we present to you this buyer’s guide, which is packed with all you need to know in order to find a dog house for you and your four-legged friend.


dog house 2When looking for a decent dog house for your four legged family member there are a few things to keep in mind.


Most dog houses are generally made from plastic, wood or metal so let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of these materials.

Plastic is a popular and robust choice for a dog house.

Dog houses made from plastic materials tend to be easier to assemble and clean, making them a great choice in terms of pure convenience.

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They also come in a huge variety of choice and can be brilliantly insulated and designed.

The one drawback associated with plastic dog houses is that they are usually pretty lightweight and therefore need to be properly anchored down to prevent them moving around in windy weather.

Wood is an incredibly popular choice for good quality dog houses.

Wooden houses blend in well with other surroundings, can usually be easily painted and styled as you desire, and, when the wood is treated properly, last very well.

Metal is more commonly used for crates  and temporary housing at dog show etc.

There are ’s also a high chance of rusting, unless the metal is treated properly, and they tend to look and feel unappealing.

They’re also generally not insulated, so if you choose one of these dog houses be prepared to do some DIY altering to make it a proper, comfortable home for your dog.

Things To Keep In Mind When Looking At Dog Houses

  • The size of your dog is very important, and when in doubt you should choose the bigger option. Your dog should be able to enter and exit easily, stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably in the house.Generally your dog’s weight is not enough to know whether the shelter will be suitable, so wherever possible, use both your dog’s measurements and weight to choose the right size dog house.
  • An elevated dog house prevents moisture and debris from entering your pups home, and should keep him more comfortable and dry.
  • The dog house should be easy to clean –  look for houses that have removable tops and/or floors to help you scrub and dry out your pooch’s favorite space to keep it hygienic and odor free.
  • Ease of assembly – unless you are a DIY maestro, look for a house with simple and assembly and easy-to-understand instructions to avoid unnecessary frustration.
  • Insulation – keep your climate in mind and choose a house with the right kind of insulation. Most houses can be fitted with vinyl doors, which can be removed during the warmer months to improve air circulation. If you live in a particularly warm region, look out for air vents for proper ventilation.
  • An off-center door can also provide better protection from the elements, especially during winter conditions.


petmate dog house

This unusual looking dog house is incredibly popular, and for good reason.

The igloo shape is ideal, as it consists of an extended doorway, which gives your dog more protection from the elements, such as drafts and rain, and keeps the rounded back end of the dog house dry and comfortable.

The Indigo Igloo-Style Dog House is constructed from structural foam which keeps the dog house well insulated – meaning cool in summer and warm in winter, while the adjustable top ventilation creates great air-flow but can also be closed during heavy rain or colder weather.

The igloo is made from a antimicrobial plastic called microban, which protects the dog house from the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria – keeping it looking and smelling fresh for longer.

The microban plastic, combined with the fact that the igloo can be simply disassembled, allows you to clean the dog house easily and means that it dries in no time.

The Indigo Igloo-Style Dog House is incredibly easy to construct and doesn’t require any tools or DIY expertise – simply snap the body structure and the flooring together.

There are optional additions available and sold separately, including an Igloo-Style Dog House mat, and an attachable door, to provide even more comfort for your furry friend.

Although the house does come in three different sizes – medium, large and extra large, these sizes do not accommodate small dog breeds very well, and may be too spacious to keep your tiny pooch happy and cozy.

Some purchasers have noted that the plastic tabs that are used to snap the dog house together are a little brittle, so care should be taken when assembling and disassembling to avoid breakages.

The Indigo Igloo-Style Dog House comes in three different sizes; medium, for dogs who weigh between 25 and 50 pounds, the large for dogs who weigh between 50 and 90 pounds, and the extra-large for dogs who weigh between 90 and 125 pounds.

Medium Interior Dimensions – 37.5 × 30.5 × 22.8 inches

Large interior Dimensions – 43.8 × 34 × 25.8 inches

Extra-Large Interior Dimensions – 52.5 × 39.3 × 30 inches

If you are looking for a fun and well insulated dog house, which is resistant to stains and odors, this just might be best dog house for you and your pup.


petmate cabin dog house

This is an incredibly durable and stylish dog house which is constructed from timeless solid fir wood with a natural cedar finish and dark brown trim.

The weather resistant coating combined with the hardwood construction will keep your dog comfortable and warm, and the slanted roof repels rain and prevent waters pooling and leaking – for a happy and dry furry occupant.

The Precision Pet Log Cabin is raised on plastic feet, providing protection from water and drafts, as well as from dust and other debris.

The off-center entrance provides additional protection from the elements, particularly in harsher weather conditions.

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It is also very simple to assemble – all you need is a screwdriver and you should have this dog house up in 3 easy steps after only a few minutes.

For more extreme climates, Petmate offer the Precision Pet Log Cabin Insulation Kit to take the weatherproofing of this dog house to the next level.

All things considered this is an extremely attractive and good quality dog house, which should make your pup very happy.


precision dog house

The Precision Pet Country Lodge is constructed from solid fir wood and stained a natural walnut color with dark brown trim, making it a stylish addition to any yard.

The peaked roof design repels rain nicely, and floor is elevated by waterproof leg protectors, helping to reduce drafts and protect your dog from water, dust and other debris – the feet are also adjustable to accommodate uneven surfaces.

The Country Lodge features a durable weatherproof liner within the roof to prevent leaking.

This dog house comes in three sizes – small, medium and large.

The small is made for dogs who weigh up to 20 pounds, while the medium is designed for dogs who weigh up to 40 pounds and the large is intended for dogs who weigh up to 65 pounds.

Small Exterior Dimensions – 30 × 28 × 30 inches

Medium Exterior Dimensions – 35 × 30 × 32 inches

Large Exterior Dimensions – 40 × 32 × 34 inches

dogloo dog house

This dog house is similar to the Petmate Indigo Igloo-Style Dog House but is not quite as heavy duty and does not have the same extended doorway.

The other major difference between the Indigo Igloo-Style Dog House and the Dogloo XT is the fact that the Dogloo comes in a giant size which the Indigo does not.

Which is an important consideration, since some purchasers of the Indigo have noted that even the large size runs a little small and is better suited to a medium dog breed.

The USA made Dogloo features structural foam construction and has been aerodynamically designed to be stable in high winds and to provide good air ventilation.

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Its constructed with microban plastic, which is an antimicrobial agent and prevents the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, for a clean and cozy dog house.

This is the best dog house for  a large breed dog in more extreme climates which require good insulation.

The Dogloo comes in 4 sizes – medium, large, extra-large and giant

ecoflex dog house

This rugged dog house boasts a 10 year warranty, is made from eco-friendly, durable materials and is easy to assemble.

Made from ecoFLEX ™, which is “a proprietary composite of recycled polymers and reclaimed, popular wood fibers”, this is the best dog house for the environmentally responsible dog lover who understand that good quality lasts longer and performs better.

The ecoFLEX Rustic Lodge has a semi-sloped roof, to repel water and keep your furry buddy warm and dry, and a raised floor and step-in design to keep your pup protected from water, dust and other debris, as well as drafts, while still provided good air ventilation.

The manufacturer claims that their ecoFLEX products “outlast similar products 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1”, a bold claim that should set any prospective buyer’s mind at ease.

The New Age ecoFlex Rustic Lodge dog house comes in an attractive and relatively neutral maple color with hunter green trim, however it can easily be painted to suit your yard.

This dog house comes in three sizes – medium, extra-large and jumbo.

Medium Interior Dimensions – 31.3 × 20.3 × 22.0 inches

Extra-Large Interior Dimensions – 37.2 × 23.3 × 25.2 inches

Jumbo Interior Dimensions – 41.5 × 29.6 × 32.3 inches

suncast dog house

This fantastic dog house has received rave reviews from purchasers, and is a charming addition to any yard or porch.

The Suncast DH350 dog house is made from a durable resin and comes in a lovely grey and blue color.

Included with the purchase are vinyl doors as well as cute letters to personalize the house with your pooch’s name.

The  manufacturer claims it can be easily assembled by simply snapping the parts together, and cleaning is a breeze thanks to the removable roof.

The Suncast DH350 comes in one size only, and is designed for dogs who weigh up to 100 pounds.

Dimensions – 33 × 38.5 ×  32 inches

This is the best dog house for anyone who wants a cute dog house which will both look good and keep your pup happy and comfortable.

aspen dog house

The Petbarn 3 is an easily portable, durable plastic dog house, which is perfect for protecting your dog from the elements.

The raised floor keeps the inside draft free and protects your pup from dust and other debris, while the cleverly designed roofline diverts rainfall away from the base of the house, to keep it nice and dry.

It features rear ventilation, to encourage healthy air flow, and comes in a sand and coffee color.

The Petbarn 3 comes in 2 sizes – medium and intermediate.

The medium size is intended for dogs that weigh between 25 and 50 pounds.

The intermediate size is designed for dogs who weigh between 50 and 90 pounds.

Medium Dimensions 21 × 22 × 29 inches

Intermediate Dimensions 30 × 29 × 38

suncast dog house

Another quality dog house offered by Suncast, this dog house is a smaller and simpler version of the Suncast DH350 Dog House.

The DH250 is made from high grade, durable resin and comes a neutral color scheme that should blend with most yards and porches well.

To assemble this dog house is very easy, simply snap the pieces together.

The floor is crowned and features a channel around the inside edge to trap fluids and keep the dog house warm, dry and comfy, while the vents encourage air circulation for a fresher environment.

The Suncast  DH250 Dog House features a removable roof for convenient cleaning and can be staked into the ground to make sure it stays put.

It also comes with vinyl doors included.

This dog house comes in only one size, is intended for dogs who weigh up to 70 pounds.

Dimensions – 27 × 35 × 29 inches

confindence dog house

This dog house is made for the larger canines out there, who need a comfortable, weatherproof home of their own.

It is a brilliant product that is made from durable plastic and is a sturdy, protective home for your large four-legged friend.

It has an elevated floor to keep the house dry and comfortable, and is ideal for tall dogs since the doorway is large enough.

This dog house is however not insulated, and is therefore not entirely ideal for extremes of temperature, as the name seems to suggest.

Nor does it have air vents, although the molding of the plastic does indicate otherwise.

Interior Dimensions  41.3 x 38 x 38.7 inches.

Overall, this is a decent dog house, which is a fantastic choice for large, tall dogs in a pleasant climate.

petmate dog house

The Merry Room With A View Pet home is an extraordinary dog house which has been designed with smaller pups in mind.

Constructed from kiln-dried hardwood, which can withstand extremes of temperature and humidity, and boasting 2 stories, this indoor and outdoor dog house has an inside area on the bottom floor and stairs leading to a little balcony – perfect for lounging in the sun, or a great look-out point for the smaller members of the canine family.

It’s an extremely attractive design, with pretty lattice fencing around the rooftop balcony area and a natural cedar stain.

Purchasers seem to agree that the Merry Wood Pet Room With A View is simple and quick to assemble, usually only taking around thirty minutes to put together.

The fact that the rooftop and bottom panels are removable makes this an incredibly easy dog house to clean.

This is the best dog house for small pooches who like a bit of personal space and a special, cozy little home.

petsfit dog house

This is a cleverly designed, attractive and convenient dog house.

The solid, kiln-dried cedar wood house has a grooved and slanted roof for excellent shedding of rainwater and other debris.

The plastic, waterproof feet keep the dog house elevated, preventing water from running into it and also prevents drafts, dust and other debris from inundating your pup, keeping him dry and cozy.

The elevation also protects the house from developing mold due to moisture, and thus improves the lifespan of the house.

Assembling the Petsfit Outdoor Wooden Dog House is simple enough with a little drive and skill, with convenient pre-drilled holes to simply the process.

Cleaning the house is simple thanks to removable bottom and the hinged roof which can be lifted up.

The Petsfit Outdoor Dog House comes in array of stunning color options, and comes in a choice of small, medium and large.

Small Exterior Dimensions – 33.7 × 22.6 × 22.9 inches

Medium Exterior Dimensions – 40.8 × 26 × 27.6 inches

Large Exterior Dimensions – 45.6 × 30.9 × 32.1 inches

This is a wonderful, functional and attractive dog house that your furry companion is sure to love.

pentaton dog house

This is the best dog house for adventurous dog and human duos, who like to hit the road together.

It’s an incredibly versatile dog home, and gives you the best of both traditional dog houses and crates.

Essentially a soft sided, dog friendly crate, this Petnation Port-a-Crate is lightweight and portable, and can be set up and packed away in no time – making ideal for vacations and visits to the vet. When packed away, the dog house folds down flat – making it easy to store and carry.

This dog house is not suitable for use outside in cold climates, but is ideal inside all year round and is perfectly designed for use outside in spring and summer or in warm climates.

It is constructed from a strong steel frame, a durable, water resistant base, and tightly woven, ventilation mesh panels.

The Petnation Port-a-Crate has both top and front entry doors, for easy entrance and exit, which close and open using heavy duty zippers, and can be rolled up and secured open with included fastening straps.

This dog house is the perfect indoor private and safe place for your pup, where he can go to lie down and relax away from disturbances.

It is also very easy to clean. The water resistant material just needs a wipe down with stain and odor remover.

The Port-a Crate comes in a number of different sizes, to accommodate dogs between 10 and 70 pounds.

The Firstrax Petnation Port-a-Crate is a cozy, easily transportable home and is the best dog house for dogs on the go.

dog house

This incredibly cute and fun indoor dog home is the best dog house for a small pooch who desires a special place all to themselves, with the option of lounging on the top level or the more private bottom level.

The Petsfit Indoor Pet House is stunning, and will be a welcome addition to any home interior, particularly since it comes unpainted, so you can choose the perfect color to suit your pup and home.

This dog house is suitable for small dog breeds, such as miniature poodles and pomeranians, and will surely delight your pup, and give her a special place to escape to whenever she desires.


A good dog house, that will keep your pup protected from the elements and give him a special place to call his own will give both you and your dog peace of mind.

For every dog, there is the perfect dog house and we hope this buying guide will give you the confidence to buy the best dog house for your pup.

Whether you’re looking for a nice snugly hideaway for indoor use, or an insulated outdoor home, you’re bound to find a brilliant dog house in the above list.

Do you have a favorite dog house? Let us know in the comments below!

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